Assembly Majority Leader Ian Calderon Introduces Legislation to Boost Collaboration Between Small Businesses & State Government

Posted on 16 Feb 2017 for representative Ian Calderon

SACRAMENTO, CA – Assembly Majority Leader Ian Calderon introduced Assembly Bill 86, creating the Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) Act of 2017 to encourage greater collaboration between small business and state government. “The entrepreneurial nature is innately problem solving,” stated Majority Leader Calderon. “The EIR Act of 2017 creates the framework to utilize their expertise in rooting out government inefficiency and implementing streamlined solutions.” The EIR Act of 2017 will require the Secretary of the California Government Operations Agency to appoint successful entrepreneurs each year to serve in assigned government agencies as an EIR on a voluntary basis – at no cost to the state. Embedding EIR’s with diverse backgrounds in business, finance and tech provides government agencies with direct access to expert knowledge. Utilizing the expertise of private-sector entrepreneurs will make state governmental activities and practices more streamlined and accessible. Entrepreneurs placed in California agencies and departments will assist in providing outreach to small businesses, as well as recommend ways to modernize government procedures and improve existing programs. Additionally, the EIR’s will facilitate meetings and forums to educate entrepreneurs on agency programs and requirements, and provide technical assistance when navigating government programs. TechNet, a national, bipartisan network of CEO’s and senior executives promoting growth of the technology industry, offered early support for this innovative legislation. “This is a win-win for all involved,” offers Andrea Deveau, TechNet’s Vice President of State Policy and Politics, “we believe EIR’s not only provide benefits to the public sector but will incent small-business, private sector executives to build, maintain and enhance their business in the state of California.” The EIR program has already been approved in three states, Ohio, Virginia and Texas, and is being considered in several others. Additionally, Congress recently passed the TALENT Act to permanently establish the federal EIR program, known as the Presidential Innovation Fellows. AB 86 will be heard in the Assembly Jobs, Economic Development and Economy Committee. ###