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Legislative information has never been so easy to find and use. Our previous website was already full of information not available anywhere else on the internet. Now, we’ve added even more information. More importantly, we’ve made the information easier to find and use. After more than a year in development, we are proud to launch our new user-friendly GovBuddy website.


In-depth and up to date

Here you find the information you’ll want to have before contacting your legislator. GovBuddy not only provides information about legislators, themselves, but also the internet’s most complete information on their committees and staff. And you can search press releases to see what legislators are saying. We stay on top of changing information so you are always up-to-date.

Press Releases

Immediate access to timely information

GovBuddy is a powerful resource for instant access to information anytime of the day. You can make contacting your legislators fit into your schedule.

Staff Listings

Staff listings for every legislator

Legislator and committee staff are sometimes your best contacts. We help you know which staff members to deal with and how to contact them.

District locator and interactive-mapping system
District Locator

Locate and display district information

Want to find who your legislators are, or who a member of you organization’s legislators are? It’s easy with GovBuddy. Just enter a zip code or address and you’ll have the answer.

Interactive Maps

Mapping like you’ve never seen before

With our advanced mapping system, you can see every California state assembly, state senate and congressional district map in Google Maps. Zoom out to see where the district is on the state map, or zoom in for street-level detail. It’s all there and easy to use.

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